My Submission for Coventry Hackathon 2020 (My first ever!)

It's very fair to say I'm not code-orientated. I can break your applications inside-out and scale them! I just can't make them myself...So I learnt a hella lot over this long 24 hours!


The basis of the app is a community-driven website, where residents of communities can plot and monitor local crime for potential hotspots etc.

It is very hack-a-thon-y aka: you'll be lucky if you get any mileage let alone it vary.

I might come back to this and develop it further, but to be honest it was just nice to attend a hackathon and play around with Google API's!



  • This is essentially my first ever real web application thrown together, and found it challenging trying to use PHP to store complex information such as images and co-ordinates.


  • I'm glad that I got to understand the inner-workings of both Twitter and Google's Libraries such as Bootstrap and OAuth

  • As well as at the very least have the foundations of a functional framework which can be built upon post-event. So long and thanks for all the fish!


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