Have you ever benefited strongly from anonymous stranger over the internet, despite never having met them before? This is quite a common occurrence today, with most adults often using social media that does not directly disclose their identity. How would you go about thanking this person?

What it does

CoverMyCoffee is a super simple service with one goal: generate simple coffee redemption web pages that can be created by anyone and used by anyone. Our allows people to submit their payment details, upon which a unique and secure URL is generated. This URL is essentially the key to redeeming the URL, and it's uniqueness forms the foundation of it's security. This URL can then be sent to the receiving person through whatever platform you are able to communicate with them. Even carrier pigeon. :)

How we built it

Our team made use of the IBM cloud framework as well as react.js in order to provide a cohesive web back end and front end. Our back end was built entirely using functions as a service, and the functions pushed data into cloudant as an object store. Our front end was built using react.js to take advantage of it's lazy loading and data handling features.

Challenges we ran into

We decided at the beginning of the hackathon that we wanted to challenge ourselves, and so we all decided to start development using a suite of technologies that we have never used before. None of us have ever used react or IBM Cloud. This required us to do a lot of work in learning how to use the technologies, as well as how to use them well. As well, we encountered many technical setbacks while developing the project due to our unfamiliarity with these technologies. However, our interactions with the helpful mentors as well as our frequent Googling helped us to overcome these issues, and we eventually ended up with a functional product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project is functional! It of course is missing some major features, but it certainly represents a fully fledged web app.

What we learned

We learned basically an entire new technology suite. In addition, we also had to approach several systems design concepts in order to develop the product into the app it is. What we learned is certainly the most valuable thing we will take from this hackathon.

What's next for CoverMyCoffee

Actual payment processing! Currently we do not have a connection to a service that can process payments, and so we can't actually send gift cards at the moment. In addition, both the front end and the back end will need to be looked over in order to ensure code quality.

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