Coverd is an open source Symfony/Vue.js web application that manages the inventory and distribution of donated goods in a Bank -> Partner -> Client model. While this app was developed for diaper banks, our intent is for Coverd to be product agnostic.

Coverd offers the following features.

  • Product management
  • Warehouse management
  • Partner management
  • Client management (planned)
  • Warehouse and Partner Inventory
  • Full inventory transaction history
  • Partner login, ordering, and client management (planned)
  • Custom Partner and Client fields (planned)
  • Client (Recipient) record encryption (planned)
  • Support for multiple warehouses
  • Inventory transfers
  • Partner Order workflow
  • Order packing sheets
  • Fine-grained permission levels


Coverd comes out of the need of HappyBottoms to manage their diaper inventory and partner distribution. This app started as a Drupal (Commerce module) ordering system for distribution partners to record their distributions and place new orders. This worked for 6+ years, but due to HappyBottoms growth, the system proved unable to effectively handle the volume and lacked desired features. Additionally, HappyBottoms was able to fund the development of a warehouse inventory management app. This was developed in Laravel, Doctrine, and Vue.js and was designed to be a platform to rebuild the existing partner ordering system once complete.

Since Laravel with Doctrine is not a typical combination, a rewrite of the backend in Symfony was done for a shallower developer curve.

About HappyBottoms

HappyBottoms is Kansas City's Diaper Bank. Its mission is to collaborate with community partners to empower, connect and impact low-income families by alleviating diaper need in the Kansas City community.

HappyBottoms's vision is to positively impact the mental, physical and financial stability of a family in crisis and need through diaper assistance, education, and connection to services.

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