So I was talking to my friend Jack, a musician about loop pedals, the night before this Hackathon. We spoke about the concept of one man bands, which led to myself thinking about...

This video.

EVERYONE should have the ability to do this!

What it does

Allows you to create covers for songs, with small recorded segments looped back . Our application will even assist you how to cover these small segments, based on pitch and timing.

The fun part is to cover any song, with strange instruments or better yet no instruments, and listen to the end result!

How I built it

  • AngularJS + ionic : for Application Development
  • NodeJS : for Hosting shared files and intercommunication with client app.
  • lowDB : For quick and easy noSQL database.


  • created an audio recorder, mixer and player using java, techniques involved:
  • adding audio signals byte by byte to create combined audio signal
  • noise reduction by using a noise gate
  • Normalization of signals to reduce the averaging-effect of combing audio signals

Challenges I ran into


  • 3/4 team members not highly experienced with sound engineering
  • Combining multiple audio signals and white noise reduction
  • Background noise cancellation techniques
  • Digital Filtering
  • Breaking down songs and turning them into separate sequences

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Front Design! I am happy with the way the application looks and feels.

What I learned

  • Digital audio data representation as bytes
  • FFT / IFFT techniques to translate audio signals between time and frequency domains
  • Noise reduction and cancellation techniques (noise-gate)

What's next for Cover

Finalise First Revision, and Release!

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