Misleading sexual content advertisements of pornographic websites, sexual products which are generally the conversation starters towards the awkward-embarrassing-Land!

What it does

It uses Clarifai restful api/ computer vision api to scan the images on a webpage and blur them out.

How I built it

First a chrome browser extension and then integrated the API. I provide the image URL as input to the API endpiint which returns to me the prediction if the

Challenges I ran into

Chrome extensions are event based systems which makes it really hard to communicate between different components and also external APIs. Integrating the API was a big task because number of images are large on some pages and handling async calls is really a lot of work to do.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to play around with my own predicters and then integrating the clarifai API

What I learned

I had no knowledge of Chrome extensions before this hackathons! I learned a lot in these couple of days!

What's next for Cover it ASAP!

This could be extended to an full fledged all-platform application which could track how much NSFW stuff the user is usually exposed to knowingly or unknowingly!

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