As teachers we know how problematic can remote teaching become.


The aim of the project is to create a collaborative environment that will allow teachers and students from all over the world effectively teach and educate together in a shared virtual world. The resulting solution will also allow easy integration of custom virtual scenes, focused on various problem areas. As an example, we will provide a sample demo scene intended for remote teaching and collaborative learning of introductory programming concepts. In this prototype we will show how fun, efficient and immersive could teaching and learning in VR become no matter where you are.

Problems related to remote teaching we are focusing on

  • Missing face to face way of communication.
  • Not able to directly interact with teaching aids.
  • Practicals for science classes are almost impossible.
  • Presentations via existing tools (e.g. Google Meet) are usually boring and trends to one-way communication.
  • Many existing VR platforms for remote teaching requires expensive devices.
  • Existing VR platforms are limited when it comes to content.
  • Lack of movement during sessions (sitting all the time).

What will we build during the hackathon?

During hackathon we will build a collaborative framework and VR application built on this framework that will allow students and teachers from all over to world to collaborate in shared virtual space. This includes face to face like communication using voice chat and customizable avatars with mimics and lips synchronization, ability to share slides in basically any form, screen sharing and real-time sketching on shared & synchronized whiteboard. The framework will provide an easy way of integration to existing Unity solutions so any existing project could be transformed into collaborative experience. The demo app we will built is basically an example of such integration and it will be intended for teaching introductory programming concepts in game-like manner that also requires active movement. Our framework and demo application will be cross platform and will also supports affordable VR devices (e.g. Oculus Go - less than 200$).

Who is doing what?

Our team have only 3 members:

  • Martin Stancek - UI design and implementation, Oculus Go integration
  • Lukas Graf – Network Synchronization and WMR integration
  • Juraj Vincur - Programming learning environment design and implementation, Oculus Quest integration


Screenshots and videos uploaded directly from headsets can be found HERE

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