The idea :

As we live in an era of fear and panic growing from the constant presence of the COVID-19 around us, we wanted to bring some lightness to the world. Everyday, as people receive their newspapers, check the news online... The only titles they see relate to the Coronavirus and how terrible it is. Aren't you tired of getting covid news everywhere ? This is why we want to build a filter for news and social media to get rid of any covid related articles according to the user's parameters choice. It would allow everyone to get their daily news without being forced to have the main part of their feed full of COVID.

What it does

We filter social media according to some percentage of "allowance of covid" chosen by the user. The user can also filter the info by country, by category.

How we built it

Backend: We used APIs to retrieve information from the news, then filtered the information with several parameters

Frontend: using Angular to build display of our website

The display:

When you first arrive on the page, you see 3 important panels:

  • The side bar where you can go through several settings. The side bar can be hidden by clicking on the 3 little menu bars (<- image)
  • All the news articles displayed in the middle according to the settings selected
  • A painting to enlighten your day

Preferences and settings:

Your search choices will be defined by changing the settings of the side bar.

  • The source: you can choose which source you want your information from

    • If Google was chosen, as it displays several different newspapers, you can decide to keep some newspapers'info even on 100% blocking mode by adding them in exclusions. If you have a trusted source and want to receive its info on any subject it is the place to put them
  • The filtering percentage: you can define the filtering percentage for coronavirus.

    • 0% corresponds to no filtering, as if you were opening the news as usual
    • 100% is completely blocking all possible news related to Covid, which lets you scroll through your news feed freely.
  • The category: From the list of categories displayed, you can choose the one you want to explore!

  • Help: Little help button on the right!

Problems that we encountered

  • Learning the framework Angular is not an easy process
  • Finding a way to filter the information accordingly

What we have learned

  • APIs are cool
  • Web deb is cool

Participants :

  • Pierre Colson,
  • Daniel Suter,
  • Kajetan Pyszkowski,
  • Isis Daudé

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