Inspiration: we wee inspired by the fact that we are entering a post covid world very soon! A Post Covid world is built on the assumption that everybody is vaccinated and Herd Immunity Exists. We thought of making all the aspects of Vaccine Administration & Tracking Completely Digital so that there exists one universal source of Truth


The biggest challenge was SocketIO. Had to learn it in a day & Successfully implemented a Follow up chat between Patients & Doctors. Other than that it was very smooth sailing for us!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of:

  1. Became super efficient and fast at writing backend code
  2. Learnt SocketIO
  3. Completed & Tested the App

What I learned:

  1. Working Under Stress and Deadline
  2. SocketIO (i'm proud of this xD)
  3. Multipart Forms in HTML
  4. Cross Communication between Jinja2(Flask) & JavaScript

What's Next for Covaxinator:

Covaxinator is a very practical concept and I think I will continue to develop it long after the Hackathon ends! Will definitely add Machine Learning and Face Detection to Check patients who have already been vaccinated very quickly! Most of this code has been written but due to time constraints we could not finish it.

Thank you for the Opportunity! It was a great experience for us! Thank you Team Codefest

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