💡 Inspiration

Vaccines are being administered in various places, such as Clinics, Pharmacies, Community Health Centers, Nonprofits, but there is no simple way for patients to maintain their vaccine information online in a stable, easily accessible location. I wanted to build an app that makes travel during COVID easier by ensuring people have all their vaccine information in one place.

🤳 What it does

CovApp is an app for all individuals to store their Vaccine Card as an image, and enter details about where they got vaccinated, which vaccine they took, and what date they got vaccinated on. The goal is for the user to have all the relevant data in one place which can then act as proof when travelling and as official health records

⚙️ How I built it

I have very basic experience in Flutter, so I started off with by designing the front end. It was my first time using Firebase, so I watched a lot of tutorials explaining how to connect Flutter and Firebase. Post that, I installed the dependencies to get started. There were some really cool plugins that I came across which helped make my life easy.


  • Email login has been provided - Signin/SignUp/SignOut
  • Use your phone camera for uploading the image of your vaccine card
  • Enter the Country of vaccination by searching through the list
  • Next, enter the pharmacy/community centre/hospital you got vaccinated at
  • Which vaccine did you take? Enter the name.
  • Also enter information about when you got vaccinated.

🤔 Challenges I ran into

Thinking about the User Experience from scratch was a new experience! Usually when we are designing an app, there is usually one already in the market for inspiration. Additionally, it was my first time connecting the Flutter frontend with Firebase backend, and that involved a lot of googling, Stack overflowings and all round crying.

🏅 Accomplishments I am proud of

Super proud of creating an app that solves a current need! As more and more people get vaccinated, it is going to become important to have a centralised database of all their COVID vaccination information to work towards herd immunity and eventual eradication of COVID. It would also serve as a template on how to proceed in future pandemics.

📖 What I learned

A lot, in a very short time.

💭 What's next for CovApp

  • Add Google Maps integration so the person can enter the location of where they got vaccinated
  • Improve the User Interface such that only one text field appears per screen. Currently, though it does the work it looks very clunky.
  • Allow person to upload vaccine card after multiple doses, if the vaccine has more than 1 dose
  • Display an analytics dashboard stemming from all users data so visualisation and tracking of progress becomes easy


  • Two signed apks have been built, a release apk and a debug apk
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