• Lakhs of people have died because of coronavirus and millions of them have lost their jobs and there is no solutions for it till the time vaccine doesn’t come. So we felt that we should do something so that we can help the people in this crucial time. In our country INDIA which is the second most affected country because of coronavirus but 68.8 % of population is underprivileged. So they can’t afford the basic treatment as the prices in private hospitals is very high and in government hospitals there aren’t any beds available . They don’t have money to buy the medicine’s, they don’t know whom to contact and what measures and precautions to take when such a situation occurs.
  • People aren’t educated and nor are prepared they for coronavirus .
  • So that is why we felt that we should build a platform by which we can help them .

What it does

  1. We have made a web application “COVAID”, which would help you identify whether you have covid or not and if you have then what are the precautions, measures that you should be taking. Well get you in touch with the right people the doctors who would hep you in fighting it.
    1. We'll try our best to heal you both physically and mentally.
    2. Well even try to educate people about coronavirus and help all those in need who can’t afford the basic treatment.

How we built it

  1. We did a lot of survey and took out the statistical data, we spoke tot he people who have gone through Covid-19, we discussed their problems and we contacted different private and government hospitals and even the underpreviledged people.
  2. We understood their problems and have come up with a web application.
  3. We used django as our main base and used different APIs to come up with best solution.
    1. The web application has been integrated with a unique feature that allows users to view plasma donors near them at the closest blood banks available. The feature is implemented using Django with HTML and CSS for the frontend. It is integrated with Google Maps API feature allowing users to view the nearest blood banks with possible plasma donors easily through Maps. Django has been used to implement donation registrations, listing and details of patients with an SMS functionality and patient form validation.

Challenges we ran into

  1. We had to understand all the different aspects related to Covid 19, such as symptoms, precautions, treatment, myths etc.
    1. We had to gather statistics of different sections of the society and the problems which they all are facing
    2. The most difficult part was to collaborate with different hospitals, doctors ,NGO’s, generic medicine companies and generating a trust in them.
    3. Integration of google maps API into our app as well as making our Speech-to-text application transcribe more efficiently.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  1. I was able to remove the noise in the environment which improved the quality of Speech-to-text API.
  2. Achieved a proper working demo of web app with the store and chat feature!

What we learned

  1. First of all I had a great experience
  2. Implementing an all-in-one solution for Covid19 patients in a proper and successful manner.

What's next for COVAID

  1. Develop IOS and Android app for CovAid to support mobile platforms for better access by people.
  2. Expand to other countries other than India and support hospitals and Covid patients in those countries.
  3. Expand app to cater to other diseases other than Covid.
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