A large problem with this global pandemic is misinformation, which could have grave impacts on everyone's health, as one could be negligent and ignorant as to how to keep themselves and others safe. Also, people who are in difficult situations, such as an abusive household, or in need of medical supplies (i.e: Insulin, etc.), could be helped by this interactive, helpful website.

What it does

It provides users with an interactive way to better equip themselves in all aspects to properly weather this unprecedented global pandemic, whether that be though mental aid, or tips on how to prevent disease.

How I built it

We built a 'helpline' on python, that helps one choose that help they need. We implemented that into an HTML website, and with css, made it look more appealing. We then added more features, such as World Statistics and Tips on how to prevent illness.

Challenges I ran into

The formatting of HTML was difficult to do, as there were alot of new features me and my team haven't used before.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of how well the website looks, and how we were able to seamlessly implement all these different features into it.

What I learned

I have learnt many different new ways to make a professional website using html and css, and how to implement python and java into it.

What's next for 'Covaid' - Covid-19 Helpline

We were thinking about creating a "freind", which is a virtual companion, powered by Unity and EchoAR, that will stay by your side, and keep you company if one is lonely. Along the way, it will give you tips, and help you ensure that you are properly following all guidelines, like keeping a 6 foot distance from anyone.

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