With the release of vaccines for Covid-19, there is a need for quick and efficient vaccination of the population, in order to reach group immunity and reduce future viral mutations.

What it does

This web app enables the user to view the current Covid-19 statistics, distribution of Covid-19 vaccines, and search for locations of vaccination sites. There is also an interactive chatbot which can try to answer questions related to Covid-19 vaccination.

How we built it

This project was built with KendoReact UI, for the Worthy Web App Challenge 2021

Challenges we ran into

Search and clean relevant Covid-19 datasets, implement on KendoReact libraries.

What we learned

How to use KendoReact libraries

What's next for Covaccinfo

Performance improvements, update of data viz, UI

Built With

  • dialogflow
  • kendoreact
  • react
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