Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, news channels begin to spread awareness to get some emergency products but due to lockdown in almost all countries, it became difficult for everyone to go out and buy themselves emergency goods. As food delivery apps/software collaborates with local restaurants to deliver food, the same way, we came up with an idea, following the same principle, to deliver needy products to the users! So, we decided to work on a website and an app that solves problems of many, also within a day.

What it does

COV-Urgency is an all-in-one emergency product delivery software that delivers needy products to the users. Some of its features are:

  1. Delivers products within a day
  2. Ensures safety when delivering product; zero contact delivery
  3. Providing all the necessities asked by the user
  4. Provides volunteers to people/organizations in need

How we built it

  1. The website was created using bootstrap studio
  2. Android app was made using Kodular
  3. Used google as a source of images

Challenges we ran into

We had some issues building our website as we were new to backend so it was a learning process throughout and we hope we would learn more in the future.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. Enhanced our skills with programming

  2. Tried Backend programming for the first time, I would love to learn more in backend and would try to implement in real-life projects

  3. COV-Urgency could employ people from different parts of the world to deliver products.

  4. COV-Urgency may increase the profit of local store owners by collaborating with them and by bringing their products online.

  5. COV-Urgency is Vocal for Local

What we learned

  1. Backend programming

  2. Team Work

What's next for COV-Urgency

  1. The website needs some improvements like UI improvement and backend fixes.

  2. We would introduce iOS app for COV-Urgency so that more people can get the benefit.

  3. We would try to Collaborate with some local stores so, we may implement the project in real life as soon as possible

  4. We would try to employ people as much as possible so that it would we beneficial for society.

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