To come back to work or to get access to services, people will need to be able to prove that they are recently negative or immune to the virus.

Our idea is to build a privacy ensuring way for the user to decide to release the test result digitally to their employer, service provider etc.

The COV-ID mobile app can be used by the user to get the test result from the healthcare provider as a Verifiable Credential (a cryptographic token over blockchain). The user can release test result as a Proof, which again can be cryptographically verified to be originated from a trusted healthcare provider.

The solution is built on top the Aries and Indy blockchain technologies and consist of a Verifiable Credentials mobile app, the Wallet, the Issuer and Consumer software that is used to release Verifiable Credentials (test results) and to verify them. The user's are identified and authenticated reliably when taking the app into use.

We would use the funding to build the app to be release ready.

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