The problem your project solves

During COVID19 times it is hard to remember that one has to keep distance...the right distance! While going for a walk, at the supermarket, while chatting with a neighbour you have just met on the feels that we are "further apart" compared to pre-COVID times, but is that really enough to make sure that the risk of transmission is low?

When I learnt that this was one of the frequently asked questions during a recent IDEO webinar (, I finally realized that I am not alone. And I thought of what could help me and everyone else to understand how much those "two meters" really are.

The solution you bring to the table

It is an app, which turns distancing into a game. Firstly, based on Bluetooth technology available on every common smartphone, it would detect the distance between two people (phones) and vibrate or emit a sound when the distance is not respected (can be customized). Also, to motivate the users to use the app, the distancing could be gamified. A starting treasure of 1000 virtual coins will be allocated for each user. If two mobile phones stay too close for too long and a warning is ignored, 100 coins are lost each time. For each day without a penalty, +100 coins will be credited. Once a certain amount of coins is reached, the user can go into local shops that have joined the game, and get a discount on selected items. Keep the distance and make the local economy work:) A VR/AR addon could be added which uses the phone camera and virtually draws the "6-feet" line required for social distancing.

What you have done during the weekend

1 - Gathered expert feedback on gamification, which produced new ideas including avatars, constant rewards and rewards over time 2 - Looked for team members with the necessary skills 3 - Refined the idea (initially it included a light-emitting belt, but through discussions that seemed to be too difficult to develop within a short time frame) and moved towards a VR/AR solution 4 - Developed a Survey to investigate if Social Distancing is felt as a problem by most. The results confirmed the initial thoughts and stimulated us to go ahead- results attached. 5 - Filled out a first draft of the Business Model canvas

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Everything we did during the weekend, there was absolutely none of this on Friday.

The solution’s impact to the crisis

Help mantaining the right distance from each other, thus reducing chances of infection. Also helpful for businesses, stores, open spaces, which would need less guards or people controlling the crowds, so that the distance is ensured.

The necessities in order to continue the project

  • An app developer with AR/VR experience, a UI/UX designer
  • Bluetooth-based SDK, based on which the distance is measured. There is another girl in the Hackathon that is proposing a solution for this, so we could rely on it once that gets released. The solution seemed to be in a pretty advanced status.
  • Find stores to join the pilot program to bring the solution to widespread usage

The value of your solution(s) after the crisis

1 - Help mantaining the right distance from each other, thus reducing chances of infection (also helpful with other airborne diseases, not only COVID 19) 2 - Support Local economy through gamification

The URL to the prototype [Github, Website,...]

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