Since the start of this pandemic, I have been wanting to travel to a new state but haven't been able to either due to lack of information of what is going on in other states or just because of a high exposure chance. So I developed cov-away which processes real-time covid data and assists with travel.

What it does

It loads real-time covid data for the past several days and then suggests indoor/outdoor activities based on factors like case count and case trends. It shows small restaurants by filtering out large chains, the reason for this is because small businesses have been struggling throughout this pandemic and this with this tool people can find the perfect place to not only spend their money but also help people in need.

It also shows a little shopping section where it recommends what you should get based on the covid data around you. Decreasing cases? Increasing cases? No cases? It has you covered with shopping recommendations

How we built it

React and Node js with help of a few third party APIS

Challenges we ran into

Api integration and styling

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Really proud of being able to develop this app within 24 hours

What we learned

React, Bootstrap, API calls, RESTful APIs

What's next for cov-away

Better styling and more API integration to provide more data about places nearby such as reviews, photos etc

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