Professionals currently work independently, sharing their knowledge only through well-known colleagues or what they see on television or in the newspapers. This project is based on the development of a platform to share information between all profesionals.

What it does

The platform will be divided into different areas. The areas will be medical, scientific and political. Each type of area will allow the registration of a certain type of user. Each type of user after registering may enter their personal information. Once the registration process is complete, you can start writing articles. The articles can be made up of studies, discoveries or creation of discussion topics in order to find solutions to jointly exposed problems. The articles will have a title, a description, a content and may also contain a set of images. After the article is published it will be displayed within the portal in your specific area. The page where the articles are displayed will have a set of filters to be able to sort the articles by publication date, number of comments, likes, etc. When we access an article we can see its content and also comment within it, being able to indicate whether you agree or disagree. Only registered people can access the platform.

How I built it

The platform will be developed using a REST api made with a PHP framework called Symfony and the FE part will be built with REACT Native. The reason for preparing the FE will be to make an application that can be used on all types of devices and environments, mobile and web, that is, a single application can run on all platforms. The database will be MYSQL and everything will work in a Docker environment, this will allow us to mount our platform anywhere with hardly any configuration once it is delivered. For the development of the application, a development time of 1.5-2 months is estimated to bring the first version to production without much emphasis on site design. A user communication system with the development team will be added to allow exchange of information on improvements and functionalities that can improve the operation of the platform. The second stage will also last at least 1-2 months to improve the design and add new functionality required by users. The main idea is to do something functional that allows professionals to work with the platform as soon as possible and improve the current way of sharing information.

Challenges I ran into

Find a solution to allow all professionals in each area to work together. Allowing solutions to be achieved together and all this information is available to all professionals registered on the platform

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Get all professionals to work together to beat the virus, because we can only beat it all together. If we can fulfill this task, I will feel very proud

What I learned

That the union of all together as a society makes us invincible, because between all of us we have an innate capacity for survival and development. We face an enemy that we are not able to see, but our way of overcoming has allowed us to evolve to where we have come today and only together can we achieve it. We must manage to function as a single computer system capable of making decisions for itself.

What's next for COV-19 STP

First of all, overcome this pandemic. Then the main idea is that the platform can evolve in the future once we overcome this pandemic so that it allows us to evolve the satinary, scientific and political systems, bringing great ideas to all the countries of the world.

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