Currently i am working for NGO related to health service. I have been interested in social goods from begining. Though i am not a health worker and not able to work in front line to help fighting with the virus. But the eagerness to fight with world against the virus has made me inspired to start building app and to help provide information.

What it does

It accumulate all the authentic information in a single platform . It will be helpful for stoping the spreading of fake news and to spread only the information that will be 100% authentic. Beside this, it will provide all the information and stats of the virus as well as to notify user when they are not in quarantined place.

Also we can store and track our contact so that it can be easy for contact tracing if we ever need. And a section is provided to send the suspect information if he/she is showing symptoms but not accessing medical attention

How I built it

General public can access the information via the android app whereas data to be inserted will be added via web admin panel which can be accessible to the admin only. All the data entered in the web admin panel will be reflected in the application. Database is maintained with mysql service and for API dreamfactory has been used.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I worked two days straight whole day to complete alpha version of web admin panel and design of the app. I am hoping to complete all the project by this week.

What I learned

COVID 19 is a global problem and can be solved with the effort of all people only. We need to put our effort from whichever field we are to contain this virus and start the peace again. Technology is one of the major field that can put effort in this virus containment.

What's next for COV 19 Impact

Talkin with local stakeholder to make this project implemented local government wise in Nepal. Adding more data of hospitals

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