We were inspired to help alleviate the pains and frustrations of the judicial system.

What it does

This is a SaaS platform that enables a small dev team to implement technical solutions for problems and impedances that occur in the day to day operations of the court system.

How we built it

We build this platform on a LAMP environment, using the Phalcon PHP Framework & Polymer Elements for UI. We were unable to complete some of the functionality due to our team being awake for 30+ hours.

Challenges we ran into

We came to the hackathon directly from working a full day coding. So we were already pretty burnt from working. Then as time went on we were fighting major fatigue. Due to this fact, we were unable to complete the prototype for demostration.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Having my team learn more about Phalcon & Polymer (and actually wining a prize for our contribution to the court systems!)

What we learned

We learned that we work well together as a team, and what a well organized hackathon looks like.

What's next for courthack

To inifinty and beyond!!

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