It all started when my friends and I were playing a basketball game. There was an uneven number of players so we let one person sit out and keep score. During the game, we asked him what the score was and he said "I dont know I lost count". This made me furious. With me and my competitive spirit, I wanted my team to win, but I can't know that unless I know the score. So that is why I decided to make Court Counter, which is a simple and easy way to keep track of the score during a basketball game.

What it does do

This program keeps track of the score during a basketball game.

How I built it

I used XML to create buttons for the user to press and to also format and style my program. I also used Java to allow the program to run the calculation methods when the buttons are pressed by the user. Then after finishing the program, I ran the app on an Amazon Fire Phone.

Challenges I ran into

Some of the challenges that I ran to were that I had no idea how to link the Java code with the buttons in XML, but after doing some research I was able to. When it came to creating the reset button, the program initially only reset the score for one team only and after looking at my code, I learned that it was because of where I placed the XML code that made it reset for only one team. My computer also did not have the minimum specifications to run an emulator and that problem was solved by checking out the Amazon Fire Phone from the hardware lab.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Overall, I am just proud of myself for creating the program. I'm a freshman and this is my first hackathon. I did not have much programming experience with me, but I am glad that my hard work paid off. I know that this is a small project compared to what others are doing, but I believe that this is a good start for me. Programming is my passion and I know I have a lot to learn to become a good programmer. ,

What I learned

I am a beginner programmer so I learned many things when building this program. In general, I have learned the importance of writing down the steps you need to take before actually coding. That way, you don't get lost because of how detailed the code is. When it comes to XML, I learned about gravity, which allowed me to center my Text Views in a linear layout. I also learned about buttons and how I can link the Java code to it when it is pressed. In Java, I have learned about methods and the different parameters than it can take.

What's next for Court Counter

I hope to maybe put this program on the Google Play Store so that other basketball players can use it for their games. I also hope to probably use the Court Counter to connect and display on an actual scoreboard.

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