Most students struggle at the beginning of the course trying to find out where is their next lecture or even what is their next lecture. Not only this, but once you're in the middle of the term and you spent many nights studying (and not partying of course!) sometimes you just lose track of what you have next.

What it does

This project helps you to organise your daily schedule while in Uni. An student can subscribe to him/her course, and the app, using the data supplied by IT services, will update them of any oncoming lectures or laboratories showing the start time and room and offering them directions to the building they need to go using google maps.

How I built it

The backend is hosted in AWS and written in PHP where the info from IT services is downloaded, processed and served through a web api. Then an android app consumes this api and extracts the student's module info (name, time, building room) and shows an notification about it in the smartphone and a smartwatch.

Challenges I ran into

JSON data processing in PHP. There were some inconsistencies in the data from IT services after being read in PHP. Recent changes in Android API for notifications.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Processing and indexing of data in PHP.

What I learned

Interesting functionality of notifications in Android API

What's next for CoursifyMe

A collaboration with Nottingham Uni maybe? We will be very happy to make this a useful tool for new students.

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