One of the greatest things about university is being able to make connections with peers in lectures, tutorials and/or labs. These connections give students the opportunity to discuss and better understand course content. In order to bypass the barrier with online learning, many students have resorted to creating group chats to discuss course content on different platforms. This is a good idea, however, it isolates peers who don't already have connections within the group chat.

What it does

CourseQuery is a platform moderated by professors which enables students to access and participate in peer discussions regarding academia. Users are able to search for and enroll in classes, where enrolled classes show up on the users home screen under 'Class List'. Users are then free to share videos that help learning, start and/or respond to discussion posts located in the forum, and see the activity of their peers.

How we built it

Frontend was built using CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Backend was built using Django and SQLite.

Challenges we ran into

Jackson - We ran into the problems of the time crunch, where a lot of our features were over ambitious and we couldn't execute on them and had to pivot and come up with solutions that fit within the time constraints. We also ran into knowledge gaps, which limited the scope of what we could do. Vincent - Initially everyone had different interpretations of the final product and so it was difficult trying to seamlessly sync all our ideas in the front end to the back end and trying to make everything dynamic. Daphne - It was my first time at a hackathon and I had 0 experience using HTML or CSS, it was a challenge to learn and execute under a such a short period of time. Kyle - I ran into challenges with tying the changes to frontend with backend, which made me realize the importance of separation of concerns and pushed me to start learning REST in django

What we learned

Kyle - Although our final product didn't use the Django backend I had been working on. I got experience creating Custom User models, and designing the backend to deal with data Vincent - Learnt about the importance of not burning out and establishing constant communication between backend/front end. Daphne - I learnt a couple of basics for HTML and CSS.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Jackson - I'm proud of learning more about front end and completing a website platform in such a short time. Vincent - I'm proud of creating a website and being able to overcome bottlenecks/challenges individually and as a team. Daphne - I'm proud to have been apart of the process of making an idea come to life.

What's next for CourseQuery


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