After my first year of college, I'd discovered that it was insanely difficult to get a straight answer out of what classes I'd need by when in order to graduate on time. This information that I needed wasn't particularly volatile either, it was just "what class do I need to take now?", and "what classes can I take?". Unfortunately, the supposed correct way of developing an academic course of action is to manual cross reference courses with other courses using a course catalog. So, with CoursePlannr, I wanted to simplify and automate that process. CoursePlannr utilizes a top down model of presenting a graphical display of coursework, where courses that require other courses as prerequisites travel further up the data structure.

The intended user for this product is the typical college student, who would want the ability to determine their academic course of action and considerable ease in doing so.

Key features include the ability for the interface to tell the user what classes that they are able to take

highlighted in yellow,

what classes that they are not qualified to take because they do not meet a prerequisite highlighted in red,

and classes that the user has completed

highlighted in green,

on mouse over. Also, CoursePlannr utilizes MongoDB in order to get student course data in order to track current academic progress and to get university requirements for a degree in a field, filling in blocks of the user interface based on the database information.

CoursePlannr is a simple tool, intended to make life easier for college students. However, in order to use CoursePlannr, the system must utilize a database connection, which should be either handled by universities or in close coordination with the CoursePlannr team in order to maintain integrity and confidentiality of privileged data. The intended user of CoursePlannr may be college students, but colleges themselves would be the ones footing the bill for services provided for CoursePlannr. Deployment of the product would be done across college campuses around the country and possibly the world.

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