Course Map UMD is a new web application that integrates the schedule building of Courseoff with the pathfinding of Google Maps. Students will be able to input their schedule into Course Map and see how long it will take to get to class, building their schedules not only of the abstract class time but also on the practical reality of how long it takes to get to class. Students will never again realize on the first day of class that they cannot make it to their next class on time.


Navigating the university campus can be difficult. After returning to in-person instruction, UMD students must account for walking distance, travel time, and travel directions when planning out their schedule. Instead of planning out your entire schedule alone, a tool that could help you navigate the campus and your schedule can prove to be very beneficial for the students of UMD. Teachers may also map out their schedules and navigate through campus using our tool.

What it does

The website

  • Takes in your schedule for each day of the week
  • Maps your route/ location of each class building
  • Shows walking distance
  • Shows travel/arrival times BOOM! The perfect schedule.

How we built it

This website was built in Python and the Flask web development library. The user only needs to input class names and section numbers. We retrieve the corresponding building and class start times using the UMD API. The walking path directions and the estimated travel time were retrieved using the Google Maps Directions and Distance APIs respectively.

Challenges we ran into

  • Making sure the Google Maps API correctly rendered the proper paths on the HTML pages -Getting around missing data in the API -Going from the API response to needed class travel paths

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Successfully implemented both UMD API and Google API
  • Web application was able to display the schedule of a student
  • Street view was able to be retrieved
  • Were able to create a smooth UI/UX experience

What we learned

  • How to make a website using Python
  • Get Google Map directions and estimated time in Python through the API
  • How to use the UMD API
  • How websites cache data files

What's next for CourseMap UMD

In the future, CourseMap UMD may implement

  • Recommendations of lunch spots
  • Recommendations for lunch times
  • Routes best suited for different modes of transportation (biking, bus, etc)
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