CourseLoaded is a HackRPI 2015 project with the intention of refining the experience of using the internet in the classroom.

When a teacher presents to a class using the internet, they have to be extremely cautious about what they click. When a student navigates the internet in class, they are constantly bombarded with content that is often distracting or not acceptable for the classroom. The information provided by the internet is often ignored in the classroom because of the minefield one must navigate to find it, and those who fight through often find themselves displaying questionable content they did not intend.

CourseLoaded, a browser extension for Google Chrome, aims to be a suite of tools aimed at providing a better browsing experience for using the internet in the classroom. With CourseLoad, any internet user can browse in an intuitive way while worrying less about stumbling upon unwanted content.


- A basic website blocker, blocking sites from a pre-defined list
- A basic content blocker, blocking malicious content, ads, and content from the sites in the pre-defined list
- Google Search refinements, including
    - More clear "visited before" indication
    - Ability to hide search results determined as irrelevant or not acceptable
- Comprehensive personal information hiding
    - Disables sign-ins on all social networks
    - Hides revealing content on common websites, i.e. recommended videos on Youtube, recommended follows on Twitter
- Improved "new tab" page
    - No "recently visited pages" window
    - Search bar that goes directly to Google Safe Search
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