From experience, we know that many developers find it's a bit challenging to pick the right course when starting to learn a new technology or stack. Moreso, developers tend to have a high rate of unfinished projects and therefore lose track of their progress. This singular act reduces the proficiency and confidence boost of the developer.

What it does

Courseek helps with the following:

  • Getting you the right course for your learning progress fast and easy.
  • Keeps track of your progress
  • Connect with friends, share problems and provide solutions.

Thus courseek is a community school for the developer who seeks in fast-track his/her learning curve.

How we built it

Courseek has been developed with vanilla Javascript, HTML and CSS, including the use of bootstrap and sass.

When a new user registers, we make simple Ajax calls to various endpoints (i.e udacity, udemy and medium) with a specific keyword the user enters as his language. This language field helps us to collate the needed course information and hence populate the user's dashboard when the dashboard is mounted.

Subsequent calls to add courses to the user's account are sent to the database which was built with mongoose, NodeJs and Express.

Challenges we ran into

  • One major challenge we have is hosting. The .tech domain guys haven't replied till this minute.
  • Secondly, cors and parsing of form-data became an issue after successful testing with postman
  • Hosting server on Linode was quite an experience. We still haven't hosted though.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • A beautiful unique UI
  • Connectivity and Interactions

We are proud that the landing page is looking very awesome, same goes for the dashboard which we took some time to enhance.

We are excited that making these Ajax calls and working with pulled data will enhance our practical understanding of Javascript.

Teamwork and collaboration have been awesome, and we are grateful #naijaHacks2018 provided us this privilege to network with smart brains around the country.

What we learned

We learned that

  • Teamwork
  • Open communication
  • Trust and
  • Courage

are the determining factor of success.

Pushing through this hacking experience has added so many skills to our skill base individually.

What's next for courseek

We would go ahead and:

  • Develop the version 2 as there are exciting features we would love to add up.
  • Testing and proper deployment is a key factor we will definitely look at.
  • Up next we would take a deep dive into a wholesome mobile responsive design for the whole app. > The landing page is pretty mobile responsive at the moment since it was built with bootstrap
  • Partnership and support.
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