Inspiration: Both my partner and I had previously taken courses on edX, a MOOC based learning environment. As we interacted with peers, we found that many of them were international students (of all ages) with varying degrees of english ability. In some cases this language barrier proved to be a challenge, and our inspiration for this project was to help overcome this difficulty.

What it does: This program takes a URL from a youtube link, strips the audio from the file, and uses Microsoft's project Oxford to convert the audio file to a text transcript. From there, the text can be translated into many other languages, and will eventually be used to dub over the audio track of the original video.

How I built it: The infrastructure of the program was written with node.js, which utilized youtube-dl and project Oxford for the main functions (taking a video and converting its language content). The front end was just a barebones jade template thrown together to demonstrate each of the language translations.

Challenges I ran into: Oxford presented a series of challenges, with authentication keys, confusing functions, and frustratingly finicky file formats (only WAV? Really?) The file formatting was also problematic when used with youtube-dl, the node.js version of which did not function quite as we had hoped when converting to audio. Finally, both my partner and I had 0 experience with node.js prior to this hackathon, and picked up everything as we went along.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: Simply the fact that we were able to piece together a semi-functional product in such a short time, at our first ever hackathon, made us very proud. In addition, we were proud of our idea, and hope to complete, polish, and improve upon it moving forward. Finally, we learned immense amounts about all aspects of coding in the past 36 hours, and had a ton of fun in the process (even though someone stole my stuff :( ). Overall, this was the first project that wasn't just assigned as homework for both of us, and we were beyond excited to have designed and created our own product.

What's next for CourseConvert: dubbing support, more languages, faster load times, and fixing that file format issue.

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