Selecting classes for 2021 was interesting. Wanted to see if we can make a program to streamline the process


What it does

Our program allows the user to build a course schedule depending on what's offered in spring 2021 for CIT/CIS

How I built it

We used python (beautiful soup) to scrape and compile all the classes from CIT/CIS course catalog. We used java to build the program.

Challenges I ran into

Creating a visually appealing UI. Since we don't have any experience with UIs, we tried to make the "prints" in the console as tidy as possible

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Able to create something using what we learned from fall semester

What I learned

It's easy to come up with project ideas and executing those ideas is difficult. It was realistic to create a program such as ours because it combined what we learned in different classes. Corey has experience with data science after taking CIS105 and combining that knowledge with what we learned in CIT591, we were able to create a practical program. I think after spring 2021, we will have more freedom to work on bigger projects.

What's next for Course Schedule Program

Get acquired by Google or primed for version 2.0 hackathon 2022

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