Mainstream computer science education is expensive! For students who engage in online learning courses as an alternative to a degree course with a specific syllabus to follow, it can be hard to keep track of what you need to study and when to give yourself the breadth and depth of a formal education.

What it does

Enter: Course Planner This app aims to help you organise the courses you need to take each month- it provides a broad overview of what courses you'll need to work on month-to-month, and when they finish and end. It allows you to ensure you are spreading out your personal learning goals evenly throughout the year so you can get the education you need in a balanced and timely fashion.

How we built it

We built this app using Java inside Android Studio. It supports Android devices and can be downloaded as an apk file, or ran directly in Android Studio by cloning our GitHub repository.

Challenges we ran into

Only one of our three team members had previous experience in app development, and one of our team members had no previous experience in Java or OOP. There was a lot we had to familiarise ourselves with during the very short 10 day development time we had, but despite this we managed to complete all of our intended features.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to implement all the required features and some extra stretch goals within the sprint timeframe.

What we learned

From this project I believe the team has a number of takeaways but some of what we learned, team communication/collaboration, throughout the sprint the team was able to collaborate, discuss and implement features rapidly.

What's next for Course Planner

I believe the core of what we aimed to achieve with the app is complete but as time progresses and with user feedback we will be able to identify what features we can add/remove and or improve upon and make those changes accordingly.

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