Inspiration and What it does

Rochester Institute of Technology doesn't have an organized system of planning courses, so we worked to create a combined database to consolidate all the data and make it accessible on an organized platform. We also used alexa to create an interactive course selection system that can suggest courses and give details about various courses. With some improvements, this system could potentially help the visually impaired plan courses or even their day-to-day life.

How we built it

We used alexa and aws for the interactive course selection system. For the website, we used django and sqlite.

Challenges we ran into

One of us didn't know how to code in python as well as nodejs. It was really challenging to pick these up really quick and work on them to create a project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

One of us (Nirakar) is a complete beginner and started coding just this September. However, he coded the entirety of the interactive course selection system learning nodejs on the very day.

The other of us (Kenny) had no experience with databases. However, he learned about it in one day and implemented lots of code to get the website and database running.

What we learned

We learned how amazing AI systems can be and how much potential alexa has. We also learned how important front-end is and realized that our college courses didn't really prepare us well for the challenges. This made us realize the importance of side-projects.

What's next for Course Planner

We plan to continue working on it and make it a widely usable course-planning system at RIT.

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