When a new semester begins, we often ask our friends for their new schedules and we manually match the course name, course code, and check the section of courses we have together (which takes a lot of time, is mentally exhausting, and laborious). Sometimes, we find ourselves hopeless, in need help with our homework/projects and our friends are unavailable or we want to meet new friends in our classes.

What it does

By exporting your course list on SSC via ical and logging in with your Facebook account, we match you to your classmates so you don't have to do the manual work and we help keep track of your classmates in your profile.

How we built it

We built this using React and AWS. .tech domain: .com domain:

Challenges we ran into

-Converting the .ics (ical) file type to a usable file format, and matching the course codes with facebook friends -Facebook authentication -Configuring UI frameworks

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

-Utilized modern material design for an efficient user experience -Build an app that we will use almost daily -Configured Facebook authentication

What we learned

-We feel more confident about innovating a useful tool that solves an everyday problem -Most of our team had little experience with React and Javascript so it was significant learning curve to learn the ropes in less than 24 hours

What's next for Course Companion

-We hope to release this app to the students at UBC and expand to other universities, while implementing new features as we feel according to feedback from students. -Integrate CWL Login for seamless integration for importing .ical

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