Our team came up with this Coupon Collector App after pondering on the many troubles that college students face. Of course with the annually rising tuition fees, we would like to save money as much as we can. Even with many stores offering student discounts, so many students overlook them.

What it does

Our app will store coupons and local deals for easy accessibility. In addition, the app will also “stack” these coupons for students to receive the best possible deal off an item or meal. The stacking feature will combine all valid promotions and deals, allowing users to get the most out of the store’s offers. Although this feature isn’t implemented yet, the team hopes to incorporate it into the app in the near future.

How I built it

Our team of 4 split into two teams: one pair is in charge of the design and the other is responsible for the technical. We created the app using Android Studio and designs using Powerpoint.

Challenges I ran into

One problem we continually ran into was the Android simulator crashing. Often times we would need to comment out our code and constantly test our files in order to ensure that our app was working. One challenge that we struggled with was generating a database of registered users. While we could add people to the database when they clicked the register button, this feature had no purpose because the login page did not have access to the database. Thus, our app could not check if the username and password were valid.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Even though many of us do not have very strong technical backgrounds, we were able to efficiently collaborate to create a working Android app that incorporates many features. For example, there are many different activity pages that are all user friendly and interactive. These include images and buttons that change from one page to the next. We are also pretty proud of our teamwork because we all had different talents that we wanted to showcase and evenly divided up the work. For example, two of us did backend development, while the other two focused on user experience and design aspects.

What I learned

teamwork collaboration logo designed working under presser thinking of creative new designs for the world to use

What's next for

Yelp reviews Map Calculations Filter option

Built With

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