Our inspiration behind Coufon is to come up with a simple solution on how to create a digital twin on coupons made by the manufacturers and retailers to a branded marketing coupons that consumers readily understand. The concept of digital twins is the reasoning behind the development of Coufon. A digital twin is like a mirror representation of an online marketing campaign, translated into the real-life world.

What it does

  • We are innovating coupon marketing using branded links in social media, blog articles, offline sales campaigns, and promotions. We want to incorporate the new idea of short, brand-identifiable coupon links that people will understand and memorize (i.e.
  • To convert serialized coupons that are stored in Hedera HTS to become human-readable.

How We Built It

  • We break down our infrastructure from a monolithic model to microservices model. Each team member was given a task with individual responsibility. We have someone responsible for overall system architecture, a back-end developer, a user-interface designer, and a creative designer.

Build Status

The tools we utilized from Hedera

  • Hedera Token Service

    • Crypto Balance
    • Token Balance
    • Crypto Transfer
    • Get File Contents
    • Account Creation
    • Account Info
    • Update Account
    • Delete Aaccount
    • Create Token
    • Token Info
    • Update Token
    • Delete Token
    • Associate Token
    • Disassociate Token
    • Mint Token
    • Burn Token
  • Hedera Consensus Service

    • Consensus Message
    • Topics
    • Create File
    • File Info
  • Tools we used in creating in developing are the following:

    • Mongodb
    • Rabbitmq
    • Node.js
    • Nuxt.js/Vue.js
    • Docker
    • External API
    • Cryptography
    • HTML5
    • JSON

Accomplishments that we are proud of

  • We created middleware specific to Hedera services
  • We have fully utilized the HCS topic’s built-in pub/sub capability
  • We have fully used HTS tokenization

What We learned

  • We learned the real power of using HTS and HCS. By itself, it has enabled us to make business rules without using legacy servers, thus achieving total decentralization
  • We have learned it is easy to understand the technical side of Hedera HTS/HCS. It is very fast!

What is next?

  • To create a platform that will enable people to share links that are easy to remember, while at the same time also represent the brand identity of its source.
  • Create consumer experiences through our mobile Coufon wallet enabling the public to use their coupons or rewards from their favorite stores using our Coufon Wallet.
  • To provide seamless integration with our service.

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