Country Keyword Highlight Plugin for World Bank

  1. What's this plugin for? This plugin can highlight the country-name as keywords in web pages, and show useful information about the country using data from world bank open API. It is a pure front-end javascript plugin, and can be added to any current website to enrich content without much changes of the back-end system of website. This plugin is currently compatible with firefox, chrome and opera. Please checkout the newest version from Highlight Plugin Project
  2. How to use this plugin? You are suggested to browse the demos at first: Demo 1 Demo 1 is a basic example of using plugin, which uses the default configure of plugin. All the keywords in page are highlighted and detail information are shown in pop-up box when mouse moved on to the keywords. Demo 2 Demo 2 is another example of using plugin. Keywords in specified part of the page are highlighted in green color, and only the first apperance of one certain keyword will be highlighted. Demo 3 Demo 3 is a more advanced example, in which keywords are specified by user. Detail information are shown in pop-up box when mouse click the keyword Author: Chengye Zhao Dongyan

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