Inspiration: being horrified at the awful medical advice being given out by government officials around the world.

What it does: lets medical experts connect directly with over 1 billion people. This platform puts the power in their hands and makes them less reliant on politicians who don't always give the best medical advice during their press briefings. And you can do so much more. The possibility on how to leverage these platforms are limitless. Data collection, efficient medical feedback, resource for medial staff at specific hospitals, etc, etc.

How I built it: with Weebly

Challenges I ran into: it's the world's largest hospital network. It's an immense amount of work and far too much for me to do on my own.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of: coming up with the bold idea, and then acquiring the highly valuable assets, and then making the easy decision to hand it over to a charity to help other people.

What I learned: you can achieve anything you want to in life when you focus and dream big...including creating the world's largest hospital network.

What's next for Country.Hospital: 145 city-specific websites need to be created, a charity must be found to help oversee this network, and...a lot more.

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