I wanted to encourage people to be opened to multiple country knowledge in the world and combine this goal with Alexa In Skill Purchase Challenge

What it does

The player has to find the country, associated to the question about its capital, (s)he has first to choose level (easy, medium, hard) with optional maximum number of questions, and has to respond to answer about country. The player can buy consumable hints to help him/her. However, the player can choose to activate flag mode, by purchasing the one time flag pack, in this multimodal mode, the player is proposed to see the country flag in parallel. At the end, The skill displays report about number of correct answers.

How I built it

I found the Level Riddle Game sample which has been be a good start for the development. Then i customized it with specific content about countries, capitals, hints about each country. I have activated consumable hint pack and one time flag pack. Then I enhance with multi modal APL to display flag about each country.

Challenges I ran into

  • integrating multi modal display+device speak) per question announcement by loading some data source template followed by dynamic customization
  • adding special ISP intents : order history, how many hints i have, what have i bought
  • manage persistence of remaining premium hints
  • performing multiple question modes (basic text + flag display) with one parametered function

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

include consumable/one time In Skill Purchases Modes and APL multimodal displays during this Devpost online challenge during several weeks, fulfill ISP issuesbased on Amazon Alexa recommendations

What I learned

integrate In Skill Purchase multiple options (Consumable with One Time) at the same time.

What's next for Country Riddle Game

  • multi locale / language versions
  • new in skill purchase subscription premium with dynamic country riddle content for additional multi player feature
  • generalization to other game

Built With

  • alexa-apl
  • alexa-isp
  • aws-cloudwatch
  • aws-dynamodb
  • aws-lambda
  • node.js
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