As all our teammates are from different countries, we wanted to introduce our cultures to get to know each other. It was then a moment of realization for us as many would be falling the same situation as us so why not create a system for everyone to learn conveniently

What it does

To simply put it, it is like the combination of Reddit and Tinder but for countries and travel fanatics. One can go onto the website and look for the countries they plan to visit to check out its reviews and comments from previous travellers.

How we built it

We used website development technology,specifically the markup, programming languages, and database. HTML, CSS, JS, and Bootstrap framework was involved in the making of this website.

Challenges we ran into

The major challenge we had while creating this project was trying to find a role for everyone to maximize our productivity because everyone had a drastically different level of coding from beginner to proficient.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our biggest accomplishment is that we were able to learn how to create a website from scratch in under 24 hours with the help from each other.

What we learned

Since this is the first hackathon for most of the team members, we learnt the importance of balancing time on work and on much-needed breaks as it was difficult to give ourselves a break due to the time constraints.

Teamwork is vital in hackathons as there is usually a diversity of skills in a new team, thus we needed to communicate effectively in order to keep everyone up to date on the process and facilitate a learning environment for everyone.

What's next for Country Exchange

We plan to add more functions to it such as featured posts, a search option which could also helped by a chatbot, a feature to allow different users to contact each other to gain a deeper insight to their review and release it for public use. This website would be promoted all over the world as well.

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