Recently the entire world has been impacted by COVID-19 . Data has proved to be a powerful tool for both analysis and tackling of the pandemic . Various API's have been made to increase the reach of this data .However understanding JSON data is not an easy task . This project aims to simplify the same.

What it does

The project :

  1. Displays country wise statics of covid cases, deaths, recoveries and tests.
  2. Travel History of people (uses dummy data)

How we built it

Fetched data from a free API and visualizes the fetched JSON data in the form of cards using HTML and CSS.

Challenges we ran into

Being a backend developed I hard time in handling CSS properties but needed up learning a lot about CSS .

What we learned

I was learning CSS in depth .I came across SCSS and tired my hand at that too

What's next for Country Cards

I hope to build a full application using which people can visualize data in the format they want without having to change scripts.

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