It's a childhood dream to shoot by pointing your fingers shouting "bam bam pew pew". Our team wants to make that dream comes true.

What it does

It enables users to shoot by saying "pew pew" in any FPS game. Other than "pew pew", we can also whistle like Yondu or shout any of our catchphrases to fire, too.

How we built it

The program just simulates a mouse click whenever it hears a loud sound. So we just need to build an event listener for the loud sound.

Challenges we ran into

At first we tried to make a mod for Counter Strike that enable you to shoot with your mouth. However, the process was too complicated with tons of strange code we don't know. Then the idea of just simulating the mouse click using a separate program dawned on us. And voila, bye bye the need to make any mod.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The cool thing with this idea is that one program can be used in any FPS game, not just Counter Strike as we intended at first. Even not just FPS, but any game or program involving clicking the mouse. But the most important thing is that it's so fun shouting and whistling shooting each other just like kids again.

What we learned

Think simple. With only 2 days, one shouldn't build using completely strange tools. Use something you're familiar with.

What's next for Counter Strike with your mouth

We'll distribute it to all of our friends and their friends, too =)))

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