In our team, we use Days Remaining in Sprint Gadget which is pretty simple and useful. Unfortunately, our release date doesn't match the end of sprint. We use Jira versions feature in our projects to track release date and deploy our apps in time. After some consideration, we decided to build a tiny gadget for tracking the release end date. Then we didn't stop and extend Atlassian's Days Remaining in Sprint Gadget with some new features.

What it does

Jira Cloud plugin contains 2 gadgets: Release Countdown Gadget and Sprint Countdown gadget. Release Countdown gadget configuration contains 3 fields: Project, Version(Release), and countdown format. Users can select the countdown format - the gadget can display remaining time in days, hours, minutes and seconds. Sprint Countdown gadget has a similar configuration. There's other field pair: Board and Sprint. If the user selects "Next Sprint Due" checkbox, the gadget starts a new countdown when the new sprint starts.

How we built it

We use a new forge module: dashboardGadget with Custom UI (for build interface we use React)

Challenges we ran into

After deploying our app from mac os, gadgets crashed with error:

Uncaught ReferenceError: process is not defined
    at index.js:7:30
    at index.js:13:27
    at index.js:13:27

Unfortunately, this problem hasn't been resolved yet. We build and deploy an app on the PC.

What we learned

How to create gadgets for Jira with Forge. Creating gadgets for Jira Server/DC was a nightmare 🙃 and we're really excited about how powerful Forge is.

What's next for Countdown Gadgets

We'll publish it to the Atlassian marketplace and add a new features (custom countdown)

Special thanks for

Atlassian Forge Team and Atlassian Developers Community

Built With

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