We are inspired by a feeling. When you walk out of an encounter in healthcare, do you feel that you know your data? Or that you have access to your data? Who has access to your data and how it is used? That feeling of powerlessness is unnecessary today. Count Me In is a modern and compassionate use of technology in healthcare.

What it does

Count Me In puts the power of health data back in the hands of the people. It allows people to choose what data they have access to, who can use that data, and how much they should be reimbursed for having that data. This is in complete contrast to the current state of healthcare, where data is a form currency in the healthcare market.

How we built it

Blood, sweat, and tears...and node.js react and firebase.

Challenges we ran into

The main issues we ran into were converting our ideas from paper to code, architecting the data model, refining the use cases, and UX design. Oh, and also not having sufficient coffee to keep us going. Building a blockchain database within 48 hours=AKA time limitations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A great strategy with a working web application to help people empower themselves.

What we learned

Learned to work effectively with team members in different time zones. The Mentor sessions from Datavant hackathon were very helpful in identifying real-world applications and receiving feedback about all of the additional benefits of this concept.

What's next for Count Me In

Bring Count Me In to market by 2023 to make a significant impact on people.

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