Councilmatic aims to provide citizens with easy access to legislation that is relevant to them. Users may subscribe to legislation and receive updates as they are made available. Users are provided with relevant information around legislation, like the geographical areas mentioned, and related legislation. Users may also see the pros and cons of an issue as discussed by the wider community. Councilmatic allows users to comment, in support of or opposition to, a bill, and to indicate agreement with others' comments.  The hope is that the community will be able to identify the most helpful comments in support of or opposition to popular legislation. Councilmatic was developed based on data from the City Council of Philadelphia, and is Philadelphia-specific for the time being.  The primary hurdle for setting it up in any city is access to quality data.  However, Councilmatic obtains Philadelphia's data through web scraping, and any other council that publishes their data in a regular format can be scraped as well

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