We wanted a review site strictly for providing constructive criticisms for a particular product or place. This would enable companies to understand what users want most out of their products.

What it does

It enables users to submit constructive criticisms for a particular product or place and allow users to rate others' criticisms.

How we built it

Firebase (Firestore, Auth) , Node.js, React.js, Express.js, Bootstrap, CSS, Postman

Challenges we ran into

Implementing Firebase Auth was a pain. Some members had to learn frameworks and tools they are not familiar with. Lack of creativity.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

All members found a workflow and were able to successfully deploy the application. We were able to work together under tight time-constraints. We kept in contact through Discord regularly. We setup a good version control system.

What we learned

Many new frameworks and workflows (React.js, Node.js, Github Actions, Firebase). How to construct a REST API.

What's next for CouldBeBetter

Implement replies to the reviews. Further improve UI/UX. Tools to give a general product rating. Expand the REST API to accept more specialized requests.

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