Limited availability of testing kits for COVID-19. Test kit may not be accurate : Test kit result needs long time to be produced : Not all hospitals or medical facilities is equipped with advanced medical imaging such as CT Scan. Human has limit on radiation intake from X-Ray, we can not take chest X-ray frequently. Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) is expensive and small medical facilities especially in remote rural third world countries mostly don't have it. In the other AI/ML hackathon, my AI enabled stethoscope had received feedback that is not suitable for remote diagnostic and social distancing policy. In the other AI/ML hackathon, my AI/ML to identify specific signature of COVID-19 from lung voice recording, had received feedback not all people can create their own DIY less than 1$ digital stethoscope.

What it does

Using a mobile phone (including the very very cheap Android phone such $10 LG Lucky), we can find the specific vocal signatures that could indicate someone is infected with COVID-19. Starting with a web app which can be opened by the minimum Android Webkit to capture voice recording.

How I built it has proven that low cost microphone can be used to sense chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). shows that pneumonia can be detected from wavelet features of the cough sounds. points that neural network is able to distinguish the pneumonia with other respiratory diseases. highlights cough detection on low-cost mobile devices in real-time has high degree of accuracy.

Challenges I ran into

I am still learning Flutter. With Flutter it can be transform into a multi-platform mobile app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

With Google CoLab, I can create the prototype.

What I learned

I am lucky enough, at least, I can have some data. My neighbor who lives couple of blocks away, has been declared heal from COVID-19, still keeps the recordings in the phone.

What's next for Coughing AI

Getting more recording of COVID-19 patients.

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