How this project started.

This project started as a research study conducted by University of Essex (United Kingdom) and the Costa del Sol University Hospital (Spain), soon later other hospitals in United Kingdom and Spain joined during the peak of the pandemic to help in this very relevant data collection. The interest in this project has become inter-continental with collaborators based in Mexico, USA & Canada.

Now with this very helpful database with the help of some clever algorithms we have developed, we are looking forward to roll out a free testing application to allow anonymous testing COVID-19 worldwide using an app.

Legal Disclaimer

This mobile app is intended for informational, educational and research purposes only. It is not and is not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions, or in cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of disease for individuals. Health and Care providers and professionals should exercise their own independent clinical judgment when using the mobile app in conjunction with patient care.


Are you a company or commercial business?

No, we are a bunch of friends, students and academics trying to help the world in our free time.

Why do you think coughs is the solely marker needed for this ?

Dry coughs represent a key and atypical symptomatic feature of COVID-19 as a different to voice and breaths. Furthermore, coughs sounds are anonymous so they are GDPR complaint data. Therefore our intention is to maximize coughs as much as we can to make an anonymous, quick and cheap test. Otherwise there are already rapid swab, saliva test.

Do you have data for this?

Yes, we started collected a clinical validated dataset for research purposes with hospitalized patients. We also receive data through our minimal anonymous (totally non-tracking) webs http://coughdetect and http://coronatos. We use the data collected from this website for calibration purposes.

What is the accuracy you claim?

We have obtained 81-87% accuracy in our in sample test, which is really encouraging for such a simple and anonymous test. However, confirming an accuracy requires an exhaustive scientific peer-review process or a clinically validated trial, is not possible to determine the real accuracy of any tests Our research follows strict scientific standards. Our objective is to use this app to support our ongoing study in hospitals and seek approval and certification from the health authorities.

Do your project has any commercial perspectives

We would not like to frame this as a commercial product during the course of this pandemic. It is likely that in the future the utility of the app an algorithms developed for Coughdetect may be transfered for some other purpose than testing Covid-19. We believe that this technology could be of great help for developing countries to cope with the pandemic. Specially for those with feeble healthcare systems.

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