As we are all fan of video games, we wanted to create a project that appealed to all of us.

What it does

It uses Unity and its network functionalities to create a local multiplayer game, supposed to be played by 2 players on 2 different computers. The first one hosts the server and plays with the Oculus Rift. His goal is to survive as much as he can in a labyrinth surrounded by ghosts spawning regularly. The second player has a more indirecte role, but he can see the maze from the top. He's therefore supposed to communicate information to his friend (with his one voice) to help him survive more time. The indications he might give would be "There is a ghost to your right", or "Don't go that way").

How I built it

We used Unity to achieve this project, using the network functionalities, scripts to create the environnement, and finally added the Oculus Rift fucnctionnality to it.

Challenges I ran into

We had a lot of difficulty putting up the network part.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a game that you could enjoy as much as some other very popular games.

What I learned

Networking functionalities, team building and lack of sleep.

What's next for Couch Survival

We want to implement new functionnalities that we didn't had time to add during the hackaton, such as creating new game modes, including one in which the 2 players are enemies, but it will of course be difficult as we don't dispose of the Oculus Rift engine. Nonetheless, we have particularly enjoyed this week-end and my two partneirs, who were beginners, are really looking forward to be part in another hackaton!

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