As the aging population of the UK turns into an inverted period, Dementia becomes more and more of a pressing issue. The time consuming nature of Dementia Questionnaires in a time where General Practice Surgeries are constrained with time and resources, promotes need for more efficient way of screening.

What it does

Removes the need for human interaction to do 20-30 minute questionnaire, saving time for the GP, translated to improved efficiency in services. Questionnaire will be done before GP appointment for annual medication review, Results will be available to be discussed during the GP appointment. It will demonstrate the likely hood/ risk of having dementia, promoting GP to conduct detailed clinical examination to confirm diagnosis.

How we built it

Questionnaire written to AWS RDS. Lambda queries RDS and passes questionnaire to Amazon Alexa. Alexa speaks out question and listens to response. and writes response to RDS. Express app on EC2 queries RDS for response and presents result on web app.. (In theory)

Challenges we ran into

Setting up a skill (SDK) in Alexa, getting Alexa to Write responses, Java development script and displaying responses on the web page, connecting the different components together in a restricted time frame (everything:P),

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Managed to overcome some of the challenges faced in untreaded waters. Few members of the team were completely unaware of coding and learnt few of the basics of it through the help of the rest of team. Meeting new people from different disciplines! Exploring the different AWS services including Alexa and Lambda

What we learned

Specific skills - Developing Alexa skills, Using Lambda queries, Using EC 2 API Improving knowledge of coding The possibility of self learning any programming language with the the help of google Understanding the concept of hackathons

What's next for Couch Diagnosis

Complete building on Minimal Viable Product to fulfill objectives and fit into context Concept is transferable to multiple contexts in medicine including other cognitive function questionnaires, Asthma risk assessment questionnaire etc.

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