During our research and survey, we found out our team members who own drones are using them less frequently than anticipated. We felt rather than having the drone sitting on a shelf we wanted to generate revenue for every single user when the drone is on downtime.

What it does

Coterie is a network of Drones, that Could be deployed for any purpose that is allowed by the network at the time in question. These tasks could range from food delivery, or medical supply deliveries, which only requires 1 drone or a few, to disaster relief which requires as many drones as possible, and there wouldn't be a better way to acquire these drones other than by using Coterie.

How we built it

We are utilizing a mesh topology to reestablish communication in areas of disaster relief where more often than not, communication would be handicapped. The mass of drones also provides us a strategic advantage in terms of imaging the area and triangulating the source of each signal that attempts to communicate through the coterie network thereby making the first responders lives orders of magnitudes easier as they would have known to a high certainty what the state of the area they are going to is, and where the disaster victim ls.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding how the US legal system works to tackle the liability side of things when we have any kind of activity which includes damage or property damage

Accomplishments We're Proud Of

We were able to create a full working prototype of our network reestablishment protocol during a prototyped communication blackout.

This network utilizing the appropriate technology is theorized to only need about 5329 delegated drones to get Ohio back basic connection for utilities like messaging in case of a natural disaster.

What we learned

Everything was a learning process, It all started from teambuilding, and ended with the presentation. Spoke with lots of people who gave us perspectives that we wouldn't otherwise think of, and the wisdom from the event never seized at any point to be a peak, though it eventually never happened.

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