Hilarious encounters in Costco.... Costco is a huge retail store like Target or IKEA. Basically, it's a great store but it's huge so you can easily get lost and whenever you go there to buy one item you buy all the items in the store... and so on. These funny experiences led me to create this new and unique game!

What it does

Text Based Game, with some ASCII art! You have a shopping list and you have to do everything on it to win... but be warned there are so many obstacles (maybe even alien encounters)

How we built it

python and

Challenges we ran into

ASCII art, text glitches

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting it done as I broke my arm and had to do this project with one arm.

What we learned

Patience and trial and error

What's next for Costco Simulator

Better graphics, more scenarios...

Built With

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