Yesenia and Sofia are both first-generation college students who understand the struggle of applying to college. And college can get really expensive so when it comes to affordability, accepting college offers was even harder. This project was inspired by CollegeBoard's Estimated Cost of Attendance calculator.

What it does

Accepts scholarships you've won, handles FAFSA numbers, and bases how much a school can cost you based on your answers to questions like what your family's income is and and what state you're from.

How we built it

Sofia is currently in CS2110 right now learning about GUIs using JFrame, we used a project she worked on in class and went off of that.

Challenges we ran into

Researching how to calculate an estimated cost of attendance got quite difficult, and we wanted to

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Our project doesn't do much unfortunately because of time constraints, but we are proud of the idea we came up with and hope to finish the execution outside of the hackothon.

What we learned

We learned how to use JFrame some more and how to turn classes into GUIs.

What's next for Cost of Attendance Calculator

We'd really like to turn this into part of an app that also helps students apply to college!

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